A Whirlwind, Boilermaker Weekend

J is a proud graduate of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. I have learned many of the Purdue traditions as we’ve dated, and the one that has always both perplexed and intrigued me was “Breakfast Club”. Lucky for me, I was able to fly to Indiana this past week with J to participate in Breakfast club and Grand Prix weekend with some of his fellow Purdue alumni.

Top 5 Moments from Purdue Weekend 

  • Exploring the beautiful Purdue campus: It was a lot of fun to see where J attended school! From the dining halls he ate in, to the places he played Frisbee, it was obvious all of the great memories contained within those spaces.
This is the engineering fountain on Purdue’s campus.
  • Relaxing at People’s Brewing Company: We had some time after walking on campus to visit People’s Brewing Company across the bridge in Lafayette. The individuals were extremely friendly and even more knowledgeable about their beers. We all were able to sample beers, play some scrabble, and relax.
J sampling the Farmer’s Daughter Wheat Beer at People’s Brewing Company.
  • Consuming Irish fare at Nine Irish Brothers: When the remaining members of our group arrived in town, we gathered at Nine Irish Brothers to enjoy Guinness, irish food, and good company. I had a great dish of bangers and mash!
Post-Guinness glow!
  • Enjoying (& Surviving) Breakfast Club: If you had told me at age 24 I would: wake up at 4 am, dress in costume with 9 other people, drink a tequila sunrise before sunrise, AND go to the bars, I would have said you were insane. Well, it happened! And it was a blast.
PicMonkey Collage
If you can’t tell, we went as “No Scrubs”. Clever, right?
  • Spending time with great people: It was a blast to simply enjoy the company of J’s friends from school. There were many laughs, many drinks, and many good memories made.
The Purdue alumni!


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