I believe in finding the sunshine moments of every day life.

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Hi there. My name is Caitlin, and I know life can be stormy and just plain difficult. I’ve gone through moments where I couldn’t find a single ray of sunshine, no matter how hard I looked. I have struggled with feeling lost, scared, and despondent. I’m sure some of you have felt this way, too.

However, I learned dark days can still produce a silver-lining. I fought through these dark days and  found my personal sunshine through a tribe of great human beings, finding the small moments that make life grand, and figuring out how to keep those storms at bay. Now I want to help YOU do the same.

   This corner of the internet is here to remind you, me, and everyone in-between that dark days don’t last forever.

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This space is for those who want to find those beautiful, hilarious, wonderful moments that make us jump for joy. I write about whatever is bringing me  happiness at the moment (and sometimes what’s making me tussle with feeling positive).

I hope you can think of me as a friend—one you can spill your secrets to over $2 margaritas,  exploring every topic from the joy of a new book you’re reading to the perils of a Pinterest fail.

As new friends, let’s get to know each other a bit—and since I can’t take you out for gelato , this list of fun-facts will have to do:

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  • My blog name: I like the glass half-full (especially if it’s lemonade), so I’m spreading the sunshine one post at a time!
  • My backyard: Kansas City
  • My 9-to-5: A development coordinator for a non-profit (a.k.a new fundraiser!)
  • My guilty pleasure: Gelato! Especially anything from Talenti or Glacé.
  • My escape: A new book— Check out my list of ones I’ve read so far.
  • My ear candy: Changes daily! Everything from Debussy to Walk the Moon.
  • My brain food: Currently learning to Code.
  • My main squeeze: J!
  • My next trip: Costa Rica.
  • My ice-breaker answer: I was an irish dancer for 4 years.
  • My alumni: Truman State University. Go bulldogs!
  • My reason for being (besides gelato!): Giving back to others through service, skills, and positivism.
  • My celebrity crush: At the moment, the cast of Parks and Rec.
  • My binge watching: Grey’s Anatomy. Always.

Want to drop me a line? I love new friends!


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