Thirty Before Thirty

When I turned 23, I decided to make a “30 before 30” list of all things I wanted to explore, achieve, and create before I turn the big 3-0.

Caitlin’s Thirty Before Thirty

Go to Seattle

Run a themed 5k

*Color Run for J’s birthday on 5/31/14


Cook 100 new recipes

(See my on-going list here)

Try 10 new vegetables

Ride in a limo and look at Christmas lights

*surprise Christmas present from J in December 2014

10850806_3683215921518_1688351942_n (2)

Read 100 books

(See my on-going list here)

Host a dinner for friends

Organize/scrapbook all my travel pictures

Go to an event at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

*Ben Folds with the Kansas City Symphony on 6/14/14

10405823_3273067548065_1448876923_n (1)

Take a dance class(es)

Grow an herb(s)

Be able to do 30 push-ups in a row

Keep an “Awesomeness” Jar Going for a Year & Open on NYE

Go camping

Build a piece of furniture by hand

Go to New Orleans

*Went with J in March 2015


Go to Disney World

Go hiking and find a waterfall

Get a job with a nonprofit

*Started in July 2014 as an Events Coordinator

10958327_10155234778075445_801184609998396405_n (1)

Keep a blog going for 1 year

Adopt a pet from a shelter

Visit 5 more countries outside of the U.S.

Get married

Go to another music festival

Do 30 random acts of kindness

Go exploring in Utah

Go to a film festival

See a show in Vegas

*Saw Penn & Teller with J on 5/23/2015


Have an awesome 30th birthday party


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